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Our elite instructors specialize in everything from dance to drumming, tai chi to yoga, fall prevention to functional movement, and even conducting music!

Peggy Buchanan

PEGGY BUCHANAN | Program Director  and Instructor

  • IDEA “International Program Director of the Year”
  • NuStep Pinnacle Award® “Best Senior Fitness and Wellness Program.”
  • International Council on Active Aging Visionary Board Member
  • Corporate Fitness & Wellness Program Coordinator for Front Porch

Peggy is an award-winning leader in the fitness industry. She has received numerous certifications and awards, nationally and internationally, in health and fitness. Peggy has over 30 years experience in the health & fitness industry as a keynote speaker, instructor-trainer, author and program creator and coordinator. She is known for her passion to inspire people of all ages to successfully embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.

“I have traveled across the country evaluating, reviewing and creating wellness programs for senior living communities. This experience has given me the ability to see the strengths, weaknesses and challenges many of us face as activity and wellness coordinators. As we all know, a program’s success depends on great people. We also know that even great people get sick, take vacations and retire. Most of us don’t have the time or the resources to stay current on the latest breakthroughs in every one of the areas that we want to include in our wellness program. In fact, I have yet to find any one person that has the skills to cover all disciplines necessary for a comprehensive program. Even if I thought I could do it myself and believe me, I’ve had to… It’s exhausting and leaves very little time to do the rest of your job. Therefore we need a program that can help solve these challenges. Since joining Spiro100 I have assembled a Dream Team of wellness instructors and designed our program specifically to help you meet the challenges we face by giving you access to our team of expert instructors that offer classes that train the mind, body and spirit of aging adults.”


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